Here are the startups aiming to deliver impact at scale


Doctoora is a health infrastructure as-a-service company that provides digital health tools, healthcare facilities and equipment for distribution of healthcare services by healthcare professionals to their patients.


Instant Rad provides a platform for hospitals and
patients to access on demand teleradiology

Instant Rad

Episode 2 Solutions bridges the supply gap for pharmaceutical raw materials via just in time sourcing of local raw materials. The service enables local drug manufacturing companies to avoid manufacturing deficits and meet local and regional consumer demands.

Episode 2 Solutions

Hopeful Nkomo provides accessible mental health services by connecting individuals to professionals within proximity for a virtual or inperson session, while creating a community of mental health conscious individuals.

Hopeful Nkomo

Erith Health Services promotes the well-being of caregivers in specialized care such as oncology, rheumatology and infection control by providing locally manufactured, cost-effective, convenient and accessible personal protective equipment, safety tools and training on the appropriate use and disposal of these tools.

Erith Health Services

Corporate Health Ghana Ltd. is a health tech business connecting patients with health professionals and service providers closest to them via the 120/80 app and Health Connect USSD shortcode – for telemedicine, home care, COVID-19 PCR testing, school health, medical errands and mobile clinic services.

Corporate Health Ghana


Transformation of organic matrices with innovative methods to improve the
health food market


Personalized telerehabilitation platform


Marketplace to connect health professionals with people who need home


Multiplatform tool aimed at health systems, doctors, parents, and


Digital Therapeutics platform that helps chronic patients to properly follow
medical treatments


Support program with educational and recreational materials that reach the
families’ homes in the form of a “toolbox”


Platform that offers the necessary tools to digitize the practices of
Colombian and Latin American psychologists

Kai Connection

Creating electric propulsion devices for wheelchairs


digital platform to inform and promote healthy and satisfying sexual lives in
the young population


Develops innovative products based on nano-encapsulated
cannabis powder obtained from a spray drying process

Nanocare Solution

Artificial intelligence software for early disease detection

Arkangel AI

Flexible device formed by a network of high resolution sensors,
which performs sleep monitoring

GIBIC Tech - Hub

Functional medicine health programs tailored to each woman


Identification of the risks derived from the lifestyle of people in their daily work,
management in terms of physical activity, mental health and healthy eating


Casa Hogar, to support independent living in community settings for
people with disabilities

Crear Unidos


It’s a mobile app that allows people to make doctor’s appointments in one click.


It is an application that allows you to find the nearest pharmacy that has in stock the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products you are looking for. The app also allows the user to view and compare prices between different pharmacies. The solution also includes a delivery service to offer more convenience to customers.


The startup is working to put in place a medical platform that will digitize hospital services data.


Faagaru is an interconnected system for the digitalization of the entire health process, from appointments, receipt of medical check-ups, prescriptions, to any document of the medical circuit. It will also be a means of appointment renewals, and a system of payments will be included and an insurance that will help in the taking care of certain cases.


Afyacare aims to create a web-based platform and a mobile application that will allow people living in the informal sector to have financial access to health.


It is a social enterprise that allows people to have medical follow-up and to be able to buy paramedical products online. Doctors on the team will also provide medical information and tips for users.

Le Corpus Médical

Etioplus is an innovative company in the health field. Three components are proposed: Care without drugs, health prevention through training, anticipation of problems through physical exercise.


Samia is a mother and child health awareness platform. It aims to ensure that women experience healthy and worry-free pregnancies through reliable information from health providers. Samia’s goal is to encourage simple behaviours that prevent pathologies in mothers, especially young mothers, and children.