AI Disease Detection

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Arkangel is a Colombian registered company, founded in 2020 


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Arkangel Ai is a SaaS platform that creates AI models for early disease detection automatically and without-code, that enables healthcare companies create and deploy algorithms for their own use cases, and generates results 20x faster, in seconds, 10x more scalable and 5x more cost-effective.


Today 56% of deaths in the world are caused by diseases that we can treat but are not detected in time. We see this clearly with diseases such as lung cancer that kills 1.8 million people a year and orphan diseases such as malaria, which kills 700 children a day. The problem is that current detection systems are expensive, not scalable and require an installed infrastructure that few countries have access to.

SDGs in focus

SDG 3: Good Health and well-being

Laura Velasquez Herrera
President & Co-founder