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Arkangel is a Colombian registered company, founded in January 2020


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toMe is a comprehensive digital platform enabling
delivery of woman-centered integrative and functional
medicine – anytime, anywhere. Through the utilization of
digital services, toMe democratizes access to holistic
healthcare covering five primary dimensions: diet, sleep,
emotional health, physical health and lifestyle, and digital
Patients can access the platform for everything from
specialist care to health coaches, to purchase a
supplement or receive a specialized lab test. On the
provider side, health coaches and clinicians are
empowered with population management tools which
enable them to track patient progress and support
patients in all five dimensions of health.

Business model


More than 80% of women live with health problems, problems with “no solution” or that are just “normal” or problems that we simply will have to learn to live with.

  • We normalized the diseases, we got used to being tired, swollen or in pain and we think it is normal. – The current model has been dedicated to sending pills and controlling symptoms but not really to heal from the root,
  • It continues to put us in that fragmented model in which we have N specialists looking at the same person in isolation without relate your symptoms comprehensively. Women’s health is more than sexual and reproductive health and we know it, but the system has failed on providing a differentiated health model that is centered in women and understands and provides effective health solutions. In consecuense: – Heart disease is the number one killer of women
  • In Colombia, 38% of women have diabetes and 29% have pre-diabetes
  • Women are diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 2-3X the rate of men
  • 1 in 3 women have an autoimmune disease, with rates climbing annually
  • Women are more likeley to be miss-diagnosed for heart attacks, autoimmune disease, and sex-specific illness. And we are diagnosed later than men across all illnesses.

We believe that health is not a privilege and that every woman, regardless of her location, socioeconomic condition, race, or culture, deserves quality healthcare that allows them to live healthier and longer lives. We are using technology to build a more human healthcare, by: optimizing costs to make it more accessible; hacking the medical attention to build meaningful relationships between doctors and patients, and building scalable personalized experiences that women can trust and receive continuous care. We know that we’re not yet, universally accessible to any woman with any health need in all socioeconomic levels, but we’re committed to building a high quality, holistic and personalized care model where women don’t have to choose between quality and cost.

SDG focus

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

SDG 5: Gender Equality 

Melissa Pérez López
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer